The Answers to a Few of Your Questions

2016 was a tremendous success and now we move forward into even deeper discoveries as we visualize
Calling all mystics, dreamers, dancers + seekers.
We see that spark in your eye – we recognize you, we are calling our Tribe!
We invite you to gather in the forest, surrounded by bass, love, and community.
At Illumination Gathering, our shared light will shine outwards with the power of a thousand Suns.
Together will we merge, creating something so much stronger than before.
What we provide:
– Beautiful land on the White Earth River, with camping, forests, fields, creeks, etc.
– Amazing international, national and regional psychedelic electronic and live musicians
– Three themed stages
– Multiple Geo-Domes hosting workshops and yoga all weekend
– Various energetic and holistic healing services
– Regional visual artists
– Vendors selling psychedelic art, clothing, jewelry, and more
– Food truck with vegetarian options
– Multiple restrooms with showers
– Friendly security

**Do you want to get involved with Psychedelic Movement or Illumination Gathering?
Please follow the designated path:

Art Installations:
Artist bookings:
Street Team:

 If you want to Volunteer or be part of the street team please send us an email telling us a little about yourself and availability.

What we do not allow:
– This is a LEAVE NO TRACE EVENT. We take this very seriously. We will make it extremely easy for everyone to locate and utilize recycling, compost, and waste bins.
– No illegal substances
– No weapons
– No glass of any kind (please put all liquids into plastic containers)
– No violence – we practice Ahimsa, nonviolence – this includes physical or verbal violence and will not be tolerated
– No alcoholic beverages under 21
– No one under 18

2 thoughts on “The Answers to a Few of Your Questions

  1. Hello! my name is Jenna and i wanted to inquire about being a volunteer, who to talk to and how to apply. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi! Sorry about the delay in responding. Things are just getting up and rolling for 2016. The website will be launching again with new info in a couple of weeks. I will forward your note to the appropriate ppl though.

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